Artificial Life and Death

by Heart Compass

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Welcome, Your vessel is currently being prepared. Please wait and relax. Login complete. All data has been successfully transferred, You are now ready to go!
Here and now it starts The revolution of body, mind and soul Break all the common patterns, they apply no more And if you think you're the citizen of a single nation Then think again we're all part of the same creation The book of time is slowly turning the next page A brand new chapter that expands the story of our race It speaks of change, the only constant in existence A wave of change will come and wash away the ones who close their eyes Why do we fear the darkness, the things we can't control Worship a fictional being just to calm our wandering soul We do not need a master who preaches one a single way Deprived of independence, they got their voices slain Look around, burning soil and acid rain A deadly sickness that originates from the human brain Mistakes are only human, so is our will to live We must improve, adapt our view to see the secrets of this life Chorus: Now we stand with eyes opened wide, in dissonance with our very own creation The walls of comfort in which we love to hide are burning down Embrace the evolution we bring upon ourselves - changing times
Planet earth, blue pearl full of grace Haven of wonders the birthplace of our race Cries of pain, was it all in vain (but everyone one looks away) We've poisoned our mother for profit and for fame Lights out, no colours no sound, only Yellow clouds of toxins are covering the ground Time runs out, yet no cure in sight Eruptions and storm surges she won't go down without a fight Glaring into the abyss Will we brave the coming storm Go and fly away, replica of life Bring us back what we've once lost Defy the scorching sky, High above this graveyard of Gaia's descendants
Every cell of this city is moving, it's an organism by itself Like a stormcloud of evolution, rain of knowledge hails from the sky Every day they are searching the answer, for the question of questions: why? Day and night the clockwork is running, stagnation, rust for the gear Flashing data overwhelming your senses, never rest and never sleep Dreams of steel reaching out for the heavens, kissing clouds on their way to the sun Do you feel the energy The voice of this place is calling me Forest of glass, electric birds fly through the streets Heaven on earth, the marriage of blood and steel Ocean of dreams, a well of endless possibilities Almost living, or so it seems, Digitropolis
As you realize the dimension of this change You start to wager pros and cons Still you do not trust and therefore hesitate because you fear You may go down a one way road If you had the chance to whipe out all diseases How could you deny them of their cure If you had the chance to improve life itself Isn't this what it means to evolve Or do you fear that you could lose control Blessing or curse it is you who decides Not the instrument but the musician brings the music to life What does it take for you To change your mind and realize We cannot run from the greatest change that we will ever face How will you define The second-class humans or those devine Or am I just a lonely ghost in a decaying shell of life Answer me You, you come to us to speak a word of warning You are nothing more than a machine, what would you know How do you even dare to ever consider us as equal beings We are the supreme entity, we are human, go away
Rejected and abandoned like an unwanted child Left to die in the cold where no hope ever shines My man-made mind wasn't made to feel love or despair So why does it hurt when they turn their backs on me Invented and created to support and to aid Born a tool to execute, my purpose predetermined How can I really tell whether I'm human or not Raised to grow and to learn, artificial flesh and blood Blindly dancing through the night All I wish to have is a guiding light Where is my place, where's my shelter, my home I'm so lost in this world, why am I all alone Oh to you I'm a thorn in your black and white eyes But it's you who brought me into this life
Listen to this story about life and evolution Smoking ruins, trial and error, the history of man People tend to fear what they do not understand Yet innovation is the bridge that leads us to new grounds The world is ever changing, advanced modifications The human body, pure and free, is this the way we're meant to be, Or do we Have a choice, can we make it all our own and exceed the prior expectations of life Throughout the ages we've been progressing Knowledge is the key to find our identity I have come to change this world I will make it a better place Good intentions are not enough I will make them understand I will build a bridge for you To cross the unknown land I will build a bridge for you Now go and you'll understand
Everyday you immerse yourself in a world that you do not comprehend Laying your trust in the palms of a few ones, who claim that they truly understand Moments of courage will shape who we are Don't you just sit there or how will you explain all your actions to generations to come Make a decision because time waits for no one, stand to your choice, don't succumb Moments of courage will shape who we are Confront yourself with the big question of our time Will the human intellect be enough to lead this world to its prime
Smash it down, this human fake, disgrace of live Supremacy, how do you dare to raise your head In front of me I am your king, down on your knees, you heretic I'll never rest until you bleed Equality, does not apply for lesser things Exterminate this cancer cell of modern life We will never let this happen You're just an illusive god By the blood that feeds our anger Kill it Thief of life, you steal our work you steal our pride Don't tell me lies of better days, of an easy life Efficiency, the only goal you have in mind Profitability, the only purpose of your time You heartless piece, Wet dream of crazy scientists Apocalyse, the impact breaks the gates of hell
An ocean of stars unfolds before my eyes as I sink deeper to the ground Is this sensation death or is it life and does it make a difference anyway All these antiquated rules don't give justice to the greatness that is life How come we arrogantly think we know it all, when there's yet so much to see so much to be All I ever wanted is to equally stand next to you Erased and resurrected, where will I go Now in death I see, what the eye could never catch Returning to the flowing stream of endlessness Decaying shell of life, shattering to silver dust Bleeding crystalline tears, all warmth has left my soul My soul
Logout complete. As your previous vessel has been destroyed, Would you like to connect to a New one?


The album tells the story of an artificial entity that is transferred into a human shell/vessel, that could also be describes as "artificial life". Most of the songs, with a few exceptions, are written from this entity's perspective. What does it mean to be human? What is life?
This album can't give answers to these questions, but perhaps it inspires someone to think about it.


released April 6, 2019


all rights reserved



Heart Compass Aalen, Germany

Hi everyone,

My name is Marco and music is my passion. I hope you enjoy listening to my music just as I had fun creating it.

Have an awesome day! :)

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